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The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 16 Review: The Table Polarization

The Big Bang Theory 7x16 Title card

According to Greek philosopher Heraclitus ‘The one constant in the universe is change’ but what happens when change comes up against an immoveable object in Sheldon Cooper?

This week the story revolves around Lenard and Penny’s decision to buy a dinning room table for the boy’s apartment. As you can imagine, with Sheldon being the king of routine and precision (like ‘moving his bowels’ at exactly 8:20am every day) Sheldon is firmly against the idea. Meanwhile, Howard gets a call from NASA asking him to go back up to the space station, to which he eagerly agrees, much to Bernadette’s amazement after how miserable it made him last time.

Leonard taking Sheldons photo in the Big bang Theory

This provides another opportunity to see Bernadette’s dad, in all his grumpy glory, and with the help of Raj and fellow (real-life) astronaut Michael Massimino, they stage a little intervention to convince Howard (or Fruit-Loops) not to go back up.

Howard has always been my favourite character but now he’s married, the rough, abrasive sex-mad Howard from earlier seasons is rarely seen, which is a huge shame. The funniest Howard moments in recent years came from his trip to the space station, especially his calls back to Bernadette during survival training and when he was actually aboard the Space Station and even though it would have been retreading old ground, to see Howard go back into Space would have been cool.

Howard, Raj, Bernadette and her dad

As the episode is centered around change, Penny makes Sheldon realize that Amy has changed him for the better by making him more open-minded and more sensitive to his feelings, which Sheldon immediately sees as a bad thing and proceeds to try and break up with Amy. Penny rings Amy to give her some advance warning, so when Sheldon arrives she manages to manipulate him into thinking that Leonard is really to blame by shifting his focus onto her to take his thoughts away from the dining table. Its always great to see Amy getting one over on Sheldon as she skillfully works at his ego to get her own way, even though she was originally in agreement with Penny about buying the table. Sheldon clearly doesn’t want to break up with Amy, so this provides him with an easy way to avoid it.

For an episode about change, its funny how by the end of the episode nothing has actually changed, with the dinning table used briefly before big baby Sheldon gets his own way and the rest of the group concede and join him back on the sofa. Howard manages to fudge his NASA medical allowing him to gracefully back out of the mission with his pride intact.

All the Big Bang Theory gang with some round the dining table

Although all things have to change, in the Big Bang universe change has to happen slowly, you only have to go back to season one or two to see how much Sheldon has slowly changed over the past 7 years, from the straight-laced robotic oddball to the ever so slightly more rounded nutjob we have today.  In fact, the only character that hasn’t really changed is Leonard, other than his relationship with Penny; he’s still exactly the same. Howard’s grown up and got married, Raj has managed to overcome his fear of speaking to women, even Amy has evolved into a more normal member of the group since her introduction in season 3 as a stilted female version of Sheldon.

To wrap things up, this is a solid episode of The Big Bang Theory with some good funny moments. Season 7 has been a little up and down at times but still provides just with one of the best shows on TV.

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