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House of Cards Review

Television Programme: House of Cards featuring Kevin Spacey (Francis Underwood).

I was a bit slow getting round to watching House of Cards, why? I don’t know. Maybe the whole ‘Netflix only’ thing put me off a little, plus I didn’t really see any riveting trailers. But, and it’s a BIG but… It’s excellent. Go now and watch it. If you don’t have Netflix, trust me that House of Cards is worth the small subscription of £6 per month, with all two seasons now available to stream.

Right, back to the review. This is based on Season one, the story revolves around Frank Underwood, played absolutely note-perfect by Kevin Spacey. Underwood is the democratic majority Whip in the United States House of Representatives. So far so boring right? Well, what makes this must-see TV is that underwood is a deceiving, manipulative dirty bastard who’s got his eye on the top job and will stop at nothing in working his way up the political food chain towards the White House.

The whole series is beautifully shot, brilliantly acted by everyone involved and has such an engaging story, that you will be flying through this with no waiting around. I haven’t even finished season 2 yet, but I’m already googling when season 3 will air. I need more Underwood! In a nutshell, imagine The West Wing had a dirty affair with Martin Scorsese’s Casino (or Goodfellas), House of Cards is the resultant off-spring.

Acting: First-class, with Kevin Spacey being on a career high.

Story: Deserves to be meantioned in the same breath as Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad. Yes, its that good.

Is it a CGI-fest: NO it’s a polictal thriller, no need for eye-candy (although there is a fair amount of sex, so a plus one in the eye-candy columm)

Episodes so far: Two Seasons so far, with 13 episodes in each season. Season Three has been greenlit and will shoot in the summer.

Should I buy it or rent/stream? Well, Netflix offers the best value for money, but it is totally worth a place in your Blu-Ray collection (it is glorious in HD)

Written by DeathByFilms

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