The Ultimate Star Wars Quiz

Star Wars Movie Quiz

Do you know a bit about Star Wars? Think you're a Jedi Master?. Try out our new Star Wars quiz and let's see if you can hit the top of the leaderboard.

In what year was Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope released?
On what planet is Cloud City located?
What colour is Obi-Wan’s lightsaber in Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope?
What was Luke Skywalker’s surname in early drafts of George Lucas’s original story?
How did Han Solo respond in The Empire Strikes Back to Princess Leia’s “I Love You”?
What does the T.I.E. stand for in T.I.E. Fighter?
What type of warrior was bounty hunter Boba Fett?
What planet is Han Solo from?
What was the planet called that Grand Moff Tarkin destroyed with the Death Star in A New Hope?
Bestine is the capital city of which planet?
What other name is Count Dooku known by?
What was Princess Leia’s adoptive father’s name?
What type of droid is C3P0?
What is the name of Boba Fett’s ship?
Who raises Luke Skywalker?
Who says in Return of the Jedi “It’s a trap!”?
Which creature captures Luke on Hoth?
How fast did Han Solo make the Kessel Run?
Who was Qui-Gon Jinn’s master?
Which character uses a purple lightsaber?
Which is the only Star Wars film to not feature the desert planet of Tatooine?
How many languages does C3P0 claim to speak?
Where was the rebel base located in Episode IV: A New Hope?
What is the weapon called that the Tusken Raiders carry?
Who is Lando’s co-pilot in Return of the Jedi?
Where does Anakin and Obi’Wan’s duel take place in Revenge of the Sith?
What is the name of Princess Leia’s ship first seen during the opening of Episode IV: A New Hope?
What is the name of Anakin Skywalker’s mother?
Who was the head of the Ewok tribe in Return of the Jedi?
How old was Yoda when he died?

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