The Ultimate Big Trouble in Little China Quiz

Big Trouble in Little China movie quiz

The Ultimate Big Trouble in Little China Quiz

What is the name of Jack Burtons Truck?
How much did Big Trouble in Little China gross on its initial release in the USA?
Before entering Wing Kong Trading Co., Wang asks Jack if he's ready. What does Jack answer?
How many movies have John Carpenter and Kurt Russell made together?
Name the gang that kidnapped Miao Yin in the airport:
What famous motorcycle brand is on Jack's hat?
As Jack and Wang Chi are trying to escape the alley, who does the truck run over?
Who played the intrepid reporter Gracie Law?
When Jack Burton goes into the White Tiger in disguise, what name does he use?
Who is the good-natured restaurant host that accompanies Wang and Jack on their adventure?
According to John Carpenter, he originally wrote the movie to be based around what genre?
The Three Storms were partly the inspiration for the popular character of which video game franchise?
What gun does Jack Burton use in the film?
Who plays the determined Wang Chi?
What does Lo Pan call Egg's magic?
The Ultimate Big Trouble in Little China Quiz
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