The Marvel Cinematic Universe Quiz

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Quiz

Which former Doctor Who companion plays Gamora's cyborg sister Nebula?
Where is Wakanda located?
In which film do we finally learn the backstory behind how Nick Fury lost his eye?
What does S.H.I.E.L.D stand for in the MCU?
How does Tony Stark tell his daughter he loves her?
What is the alter ego of The Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy?
How many Infinity Stones are there in the MCU?
What is the name of Thor’s mother?
What is the name of Ben Kingsley's Iron Man 3 character who was hired to play The Mandarin?
How many films featured in the MCU Phase One?
What is the name of the Super Soldier project in Captain America: The First Avenger?
Who has directed the most MCU movies?
What Sci-Fi Movie Does Peter Parker Reference When Fighting Ebony Maw?
Who directed Iron Man 3?
What Does Peter Quill Think Is The Greatest Movie Of All Time?
What is the name of Ant-Man's archenemy in the first film?
What Was Doctor Strange's Medical Specialty?
What Is the Name of the Set of Documents That Regulates the Activity of Enhanced People?
In Avengers: Infinity War, which hand did Thanos wear the Infinity Gauntlet on?
Which Version of the Iron Man Suit Does Tony Stark Wear in the First Avengers Film?
Who was the original front runner for the role of Iron Man/ Tony Stark?
The Marvel Cinematic Universe Quiz
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