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    Superman Vs Batman May have Wonder Woman and Doomsday

    Rumours are flying towards Metropolis (or Gotham) regarding the Superman vs Batman movie after Warner Bros producer Daniel Alter, the guy who previously dropped the news that Batman will be semi-retired and flying drones around Gotham, has been back on Twitter with the following news; He also went on to hint that Superman’s arch nemesis […] More

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    Sony Angers UK Fans Over Pricing

    As the PS4 has now launched in the UK, many owners may be a left feeling a little bewildered at some of the prices of digital download games on the PSN store. Sony have priced EA’s games at £62.99 compared to £54.99 for Call of Duty: Ghosts on the PS4. EA’s games also are priced […] More

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    PS4 Breaks UK Console Sales Records

    Chart Track has announced today that the PS4 has become the fastest selling console in UK history, beating out the Xbox One’s already impressive 150’000 units sold in it’s first 48 hours of availability. Chart Track hasn’t released the actual number of PS4’s sold, but the previous record was held by Sony’s PSP in 2005 […] More

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    Sin City TV Series in the Works

    With the much anticipated sequel to 2005’s Sin City due to hit theatres in 2014, there is more good news coming out of The Weinstein Company with news that they are looking to adapt Sin City for the small screen via a TV series, possibly due just after the release of Sin City: A Dame […] More