Marlon Brando – 21 Crazy Things That You May Not Know

Has there ever been a more eccentric, troubled soul than Marlon Brando? We take a look at 21 things that Marlon Brando did, that you probably donʼt know…

1) While filming Guys and Dolls, Frank Sinatra had to quit for the day after being physically sick when Brando kept deliberately fluffing his lines in the scene where Sinatra has to eat some cheesecake (which he hated).

2) At a dinner party in the 1960ʼs, Brando asked everyone to strip naked, he himself did so and then taking a lily from a nearby vase inserted up his ass.

3) Marlon Brando used to give Michael Jackson acting lessons. Actress Pat Quinn once visited them and was greeted by Jackson dressed as Pinocchio complete with long nose.

4) In the 1980ʼs Brando bought a pair of electric eels. His son Christianʼs unsuspecting girlfriend, while skinny-dipping, was blown clean out of the water.

5) He used to try to lose weight by hanging upside down, but all he managed to do was choke himself with his own rolls of fat.

6) While visiting the zoo, Marlon got into a spitting fight with a baboon. Marlon won.

7) He once gave actress Pat Quinn a necklace made of a real human scalp.

8) He used to divert his home phone number to that of the LA County Sewage Department and then secretly listen in on the ensuing conversations.

9) In 1969, he bought himself a raccoon and called it Emma.

10) He once went to a bar in a wheelchair and when a evangelical woman told him that God would cure him he pretended to be miraculously healed, jumping up in the air before tap-dancing on the table. all the latest gadget news

11) At an early audition, Brando stood in silence for many minutes before shouting out ʻHickory-dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock.”

12) When discussing his role in Superman with director Richard Donner, he said that he wanted his character to look like a green suitcase or a bagel.

13) He liked farting to such an extent that he seriously considered creating a commercial telephone line called ʻDial-a-Fartʼ where callers would have to guess celebrities purely by their farts.

14) Brandoʼs eating habits were so bad that his wife used to chain the fridge up.

15) During filming of Mutiny on the Bounty, Brando split 52 pairs of trousers as a result of his binge eating.

16) He once picked a frog out of a river took a bite out of it then put it back.

17) When writing his autobiography, he phoned Ursula Andress to ask if he had ever had sex with her.

18) While filming a bondage scene in The Nightcomers, Marlon tied Stephanie Beacham to the bed and then went and had lunch.

19) While filming The Score, Marlon requested that all interviews be sent to his pet dog, Doctor Tim, who would reply via fax.

20) When discussing ideas on One-Eyed Jacks with Stanley Kubrick, Brando would assume the lotus position and bang a huge gong with a mallet when he didnʼt like something Kubrick had said.

21) Brando used to travel on the subway with pieces of bread in his ears.


  1. So Weird at

    He was odd but yet sexxxy in his younger years with a stud attitude in all parts too!

  2. Mandy at

    Fucking insane

  3. Holly Eagleton at

    There will never be another like him…As a fellow actor I would have loved to have met him…as I did Robert Mitchum…who was larger than life…but Wow…Marlon , Elvis & Marilyn…we’ll never see the likes of them again .

  4. ian Coleman at

    If you’re the star of a movie everybody has to put up with your behavior. The movie might never have been made if you hadn’t consented to do it. When you agreed to make the movie, somebody else became willing to fund it, so everybody who works on the movie owes you a certain debt. If you’re a decent person, this does not cause problems, but if you’re an angry narcissist like Marlon Brando, a lot of people are going to have to be very patient while you act up.

    Brando was so powerful that he was actually able to make trouble for Frank Sinatra, who was infamously not a guy you wanted to annoy.

    Marlon Brando was a genius though. A Streetcar Named Desire is the first movie made with a character, Stanley Kowalski, who actually seems like a real human being, instead of a make-believe character of the kind played by stars like John Wayne or Cary Grant. Even today, that movie is painful to watch, but you can’t turn away because of the power and truth of Brando’s acting. You could plausibly argue that Kowalski’s vicious, angry, loutish personality was Brando’s own, which is why Stanley Kowalski remains one of the great movie characters of all time.


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