26 Amazing Facts About Bill Murray

Bill Murray is a legend, make no mistake. Apart from starring in some of the best comedies of the past three decades, he’s the sorta bloke you could probably have a good drink with, and maybe a round of golf. But there’s more to Bill Murray than just movies and golf, We dig up some interesting facts on the man behind the screen

1. He was kicked out of the boy scouts

2. He was kicked out of the little baseball league

3. He was expelled from Regis University, Colorado for smuggling marijuana. But many years later awarded an honorary degree by the same university.

4. He has no publicist or agent, lawyer or manager, if you want him to star in your film you have to leave a message on his answer-machine and hope that he checks it (He rarely does)

5. He has no entourage, when you hire Bill Murray, you just get Bill Murray.

6. He played air-guitar while sky diving over chicago in 2008

7. He only made Garfield because he thought it had been written by the Coen Brothers. He only found out it wasnʼt AFTER signing on. (it was written by Joel Cohen)

8. In 2006, he crashed a party held by some Norwegian students in Scotland, told a few jokes, did the washing up and then left.

9. He was considered for the roles of both Han Solo, Batman and Forrest Gump

10. It is rumoured that he likes to sneak up on random strangers in the street, put his hands over their eyes and say ‘guess who?’

11. He once created the game of shotgun golf with the late Hunter S. Thompson.

12. He once accidentally broke Robert De Niro’s nose

13. During the filming of Groundhog Day, Bill Murray was asked to hire an assistant to act as a buffer between him and the studio. He deliberately hired a deaf mute who could only communicate in Native American sign language

14. He regularly crashes random parties in New York and performs Karaoke

15 .He punched Chevy Chase in the face and told him ‘to fuck his wife once in a while’ just before the opening monologue on SNL

16. He was the lead singer in a rock band called ‘The Dutch Masters’

17. He has played guitar on stage with Eric Clapton

18. He lived in Paris and studied philosophy

19. He once showed up at the Shangri-La bar and decided to spend the night working behind the bar, but no matter what anyone ordered he would only serve them tequila

20. Ernie McKracken’s commerical in Kingpin was completely ad-libbed In fact, the Farrelly Brothers admit that Bill ad-libbed virtually every line in the film

21. He was stopped by Swedish police for drink driving while cruising along the streets in a golf cart

22. He turns up completely randomly at building sites and reads poetry to construction workers

23. He played The Human Torch in the Fantastic Four radio show

24. He once headbutted Charlie’s Angels director Joseph McGinty Nichol in the face after a dispute

25. In Kingpin, Bill Murray really did bowl those last three strikes in a row, and the cheering was genuine

26. He once walked up to a customer in Wendy’s and started to eat the guy’s fries, when the man looked up at him, Bill whispered to him ‘No ones going to believe you”