Batman: Arkham Knight – First Trailer Released

Batman Arkham Knight artwork

With last years Batman: Arkham Origins being nothing but a big overblown DLC add-on for Batman: Arkham City, we are pleased to announce that the original series developers Rocksteady are back in control, taking over from the frankly shit Warner Bros. Games Montréal who had the nerve to put out Arkham Origins.

The first two Batman Arkham games were excellent, providing richly crafted stories with superb visuals but everything good must end, and so Arkham Knight will be the last in the series.

One of the biggest criticisms leveled at Arkham Origins was that nothing had changed, no new stuff. So, Rocksteady have listened and added the awesome looking Batmobile as a drivable vehicle, with Gotham city growing larger to accommodate its use.

No word yet on a release date, but expect it towards the end of October 2014. It’s coming out on the Xbox One and the PS4, but last-gen consoles haven’t yet been confirmed.

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