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Discovery ship from 2001


Making a long boring trip? We have the ship for you. Barely used, AE-35 unit still functioning. Artificial gravity, satellite TV. Missing two pods, but otherwise complete. Onboard AI may need slight de-bugging due to homicidal tendencies. Look into the sky and ask for Dave, He'll hear you.

close encounters mothership


Mobile disco with 20'000W speakers and lighting rig. Neon underside, strobes, spots, chasers, wobblers. Warning: can cause blown fuses and power blackouts when everything plugged in. Spacious interior, cross-franchise repair dried. Anal probe optional. Contact Roy, 363-555-CE3K

thunder road spaceship


Home-made interstellar waltzer conversion with custom forcefield/stardrive and oxygen recycler. Would suit Peeping Tom or drive-in movie critic. Room for three kids. Must sell before parents find out. Email ben or

Dark Star Ship


Requires repairs; off-beaten track vehicle previously used for demolitions. Partial complement of thermostellar devices; bomb release requires work. Some explosion damage to driver's seat. Complete with mascot. Would suit surfer or stargazer. Speak to Talby at Phoenix Asteroids.

Milliennium falcon


Customised YT Freighter, complete with 'extra storage space' under decking. Will make.5 past light speed and is fast enough for you, old man. Less than 12 parsecs on the clock. Some asteroid damage to hull, welding and new aerial required for MoT. Built-in chess program. Two roguish owners. Call 421-1138

USS Enterprise


Personalised plates (NCC-1701), seats 430 but comes with aftermarket automation system allowing for crew of five (combat not recommended). Slight radiation leak. Runs on premium antimatter fuel only. Will throw in seven shuttles for free. Photon torpedoes/coffins extra. Call Spacedock, ask for Jim.

The Derelict from Alien


Ignore the name. Still runs fine. Unique vehicle of unknown origin (poss. Switzerland). Bucket seat, exterior detailing (bones), three doors. Spacious luggage area suitable for very, very large family. Slight problem with corrosion due to acid. Ask for Weylan or Yutani on 1860924609. First to see will die.

wr rocket ajax


Gold-plated luxury cruiser, customised in regal/pimpmobile style. fully-glazed cab-forward design. Digital clock in cockpit. Suitable for conversion to hearse, to bring back bodies. Pointy bit at front may need sanding down to meet MOT standards, Contact F.Gordon at Mongo.

Eagle 5 from Spaceballs the Movie


Unmissable merchandising opportunity! Winnebago RV with hyper speed conversion, Can do ludicrous speed with engine additive (liquid Schwartz extra). Upholstery requires cleaning due to pizza stains and mog hair. Raspberry jam and beer storage facilities. Sale due to marriage. Call Druidia, 127634-87

Gunstar Spaceship


Unique example (at least, only one surviving) of Star League fighter. Ideal customisation project for trailer trash. Aftermarket 'Death Blossom' perfect for traffic jams (missiles require restocking). Dual controls, will throw in video arcade training system for free. Call Alex, Starlight Trailer Park.

Flying saucer from Ed Wood Plan 9 from Outer Space


Ultra-low-cot transport, perfect for invading space vampires or zombies on a budget. Sinister urge to buy new angora wardrobe forces sale. Flesh disintergrator, corpse reanimator, genuine antique radio equipment. No hull-kickers (will cause severe denting) Call E. Wood on 323-555-9999

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