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    Jaws – The Inside Story by the People Who Made It

    Although Jaws has is accepted as one of Steven Spielberg’s masterpieces, and for all the horror and tension the film exudes, there was just as much going on behind the camera in the making of Jaws. The first director attached, Dick Richards, literally thought he was making Moby Dick. When 27-year-old Spielberg came in to replace him, his youth […] More

  • The Making of Blade Runner 1982

    The Making of Blade Runner (1982)

    With nearly 40 years of hindsight, it’s strange to think of Blade Runner as the initial flop that it was back in 1982, but in that summer of the early eighties, it was up against some stiff competition that included Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, Tron, Videodrome, The Thing and the monster hit that […] More

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    Starship Trader – The No.1 Place to Buy a Used Ship

    DISCOVERY Making a long boring trip? We have the ship for you. Barely used, AE-35 unit still functioning. Artificial gravity, satellite TV. Missing two pods, but otherwise complete. Onboard AI may need slight de-bugging due to homicidal tendencies. Look into the sky and ask for Dave, He’ll hear you. MOTHERSHIP Mobile disco with 20’000W speakers […] More

  • the making of The Blues Brothers
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    The Making of The Blues Brothers

    With a drug-addled star, a spiralling budget and an unfinished script, there is more to The Blues Brothers than you may think… The Blues Brothers is a seminal film from 1980, a movie which manages to straddle genres like no other, combining comedy, music, action and crime. What you may not know, is that life […] More

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    Top 10 Judd Apatow Movies

    Over the past two decades, Judd Apatow has had a hand in some of the best comedies to come out of Hollywood. He’s often seen as this generations John Hughes and in 2007, was ranked #1 on Entertainment Weekly’s The 50 Smartest People in Hollywood. He’s known as a uber-producer, but also writes and directs, […] More

  • Ron Howard - All of his movies ranked
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    All of Ron Howard’s Movies Ranked

    Ron Howard, successful child actor who become one of Hollywood’s top directors, but even though true movie nerds know his work, he isn’t as well known as a lot of his peers. So we correlated his scores from IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic and Letterboxd to get an aggregate score…. let the ranking begin….. 4.19 out […] More