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George Clooney - His Top 25 Best Movies Ranked

George Clooney, dapper gent and a damn fine actor as well. But what are his highest rated movies? We dug down into the data to rank his top 25 best films.
We collected all of Pixar’s scores from IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Letterboxd (All public votes, no critics scores.) and averaged a rating for each film. Here is the results.
We tallied up all the ticket sales from the biggest movies of 1970 to 1979, based on the North American market… Here are the results.
Us Brits do drama rather well, but the British Crime film can be a cut above the rest. We collected their scores from IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Letterboxd, worked out their averaged score, and here are the TOP 50.
Ahhh, the ’80s, a beloved decade full of incredible movies, but let’s see what were the most popular films at the North American box office based on ticket sales, as this is the fairest way to compare how movies fared against each other. All data was obtained from ‘The Numbers’ website.
We compiled a list of all the modern war films from 1975 onwards, and filtered out the top 75 based on their IMDb ratings, Rotten Tomatoes user score  and Letterboxd ratings…. and here they are…

Ahhh, the ’90s, a Tamagotchi, dial-up speed internet, Blockbuster Video loving decade, but full of great movies. Let’s see what were the most popular films at the North American box office based on ticket sales, All data was obtained from ‘The Numbers’ website.

With such a massive output in a relatively short time, Blumhouse’s filmography has a fair bit of crap within it. So, using a data-driven approach and collecting only the public’s scores for ALL the Blumhouse films from IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Letterboxd, I averaged a rating for each movie and here are the top 25.
What films have smashed box office records and made a ton of cash over the years? We look at which films are the top 10 biggest box office hits ever by adjusting their total grosses for inflation. This offers a more accurate insight into the biggest movies of all time.
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Stephen King, the’King of Horror” has sold more than 350 million books, but how have the on-screen adaptations of his works been received? We have ranked every one and here are the top 25 best on-screen works of King.
Cary Grant was the biggest Hollywood star for nearly three decades, but kids today haven’t heard of him. He made over 70 movies and could turn his hand to comedy or drama with the suave and debonair manner of a velvety George Clooney. So who the hell was Cary Grant?
What are the highest rated movies of 2022 so far? We used a data-driven approach for this list by aggregating votes from IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Letterboxd for a rounded view of where we stand so far.
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Ian Fleming was a real-life ‘spy’ with a taste for fast cars and women, but he never rose above devising missions and smuggling condoms. That’s why James Bond became everything the author wanted to be.

A Frenchman playing a Scot, a Scot playing a Spanish-Egyptian, an American playing a Russian! Read on for the making of the ’80s classic, Highlander.

David Fincher might be an A-list director now. But, his experiences on his first movie nearly made him leave the industry for good. We lift the lid on the nightmare shoot that was Alien 3

After the success of Trainspotting, the British Media was desperate to find the next big Brit thing. But when it came, no one noticed. The Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels makers had the last laugh.

Although Jaws has is accepted as one of Steven Spielberg’s masterpieces, and for all the horror and tension the film exudes, there was just as much going on behind the camera in the making of Jaws.

Written and directed by a video store clerk, Produced by a ballet dancer, starring six swearing men in black, several gallons of coloured syrup and one severed ear: It’s the violent, indie heist film, rescued by Harvey Keitel, that saved cinema from itself, here is the making of Reservoir dogs…
It was the star of 2,200 films. It entered more than 14,000 people. It was 14 inches long and four inches in diameter. But, in the end, Big John Holmes’ penis was the death of him.

This fantastic interview with Superman (1978) director Richard Donner was originally published in Cinefantastique just months after the film’s release. It’s an astonishingly honest interview from Donner on just how challenging making Superman really was, and this interview was taken just BEFORE he was fired from Superman II!

A spiralling budget, anxious execs and several serious accidents, including the near-death of a stunt driver, only exacerbated on-set tension. Read on about Spielberg’s struggle to make Close Encounters of The Third Kind
Monty Python’s Life of Brian began with a throwaway suggestion by Eric Idle that they should make a biopic of Jesus Christ. The subsequent arguments about the script and the subject matter were just a prelude to the significant financial, bureaucratic and theocratic problems that dogged the film’s production and release.

John Landis, director of The Blues Brothers and Animal House, always wanted to do a horror movie. It took over ten years for his idea to become a reality, a process hampered by his decision to mix old-fashioned horror shocks with jet-black comedy. We look at the making of An American Werewolf In London.

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