Fan-Made RoboCop Remake Thats Worth Watching

Warning – This video contains a load of bad language and a great many cocks being shot off.

If you have read my RoboCop 2014 review, you’ll know that I wasn’t impressed. Not even at gunpoint would I watch it again. But some remakes can be worth watching.

Created through a crowd-sourcing collaboration of over 50 different film-makers, this truly inventive film remakes the 1987 original RoboCop, with each director doing their own take on each scene from the original movie. Some of it’s laugh-out-loud funny with scenes being inter-spliced with footage from the original. But be warned, its fucking weird in places. It features ten different Alex Murphy’s! thirty different RoboCop’s and some cartoonish violence!

Watch this now before a suit at the studio gets it pulled.

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